St. John Medical Center Family Practice Residency

Resident salaries:
PGY-1:  $49,581

PGY-2:  $51,066
PGY-3:  $52,042

Educational stipend
$1,000 year 1
$2,000 year 2
$2000 year 3

Moving allowance:
One time allowance of up to $1,000

Paid time off:
PGY-1: 20 days
PGY-2: 20 days
PGY-3: 20 days

Other benefits:
Medical/Dental/Vision Health insurance
Two lab coats provided with the intern or resident's name along with lab coats being professionally cleaned.
State of Ohio Training Certificate cost reimbursed by the hospital.
Meal allowance, $1000 per year.
Parking provided on site free of charge.
Subscription to Prescribers Letter all 3 years
Board review course registration cost is reimbursed once by the Hospital during your senior year

Sample Intern Rotation Schedule:
July: Outpatient Pediatrics
August: Orthopedics/ENT
September: OB/GYN
October: Family Practice
November: Internal Medicine
December: Emergency Medicine
January: General Surgery
Feburary: Internal Medicine
March: Inpatient Pediatrics
April: Anesthesia/Radiology
May: Internal Medicine
June: ICU

Sample 2nd year schedule:
July: Emergency Medicine
August: Internal Medicine
September: Sports Medicine
October: Orthopedics
November: General Surgery
December: Outpatient Pediatrics
January: Internal Medicine
Feburary: Rheumatology
March: Family Practice
April: Endocrinology
May: Radiology/Anesthesiology
June:  GYN

Sample 3rd year schedule:
July: Family Practice
August: Dermatology
September: Endocrinology
October: Orthopedicts
November: Opthamology/ENT
December: Outpatient Pediatrics
January: Podiatry
Feburary: OB/GYN
March: Family Practice
April: Outpatient Pediatrics
May: Internal Medicine
June: Urology